Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Elections without a complete CEC?

On the second day of his visit in Albania, the Head for Central and Southern Europe at the US State Department, Jonathan Moore, met with the local leaders of Durres, where he confirmed the US official stance for maximal attention on the Albanian elections. 

He insinuated that finding a solution for the Central Election Commission crisis was mission impossible.

“The best situation would be if the Central Election Commission would have all the seven members. However, there are only four active members and this issue might be resolved soon, or it might not. The United States will give maximal attention to the entire election process”, Moore declared.

However, the high rank US official declared that Albania has other institutions too, such as the Electoral College. He reminded that the United States of America want the Albanian voters to trust their election managing institutions.

Moore supports Arvizu’s declarations

Yesterday, after a meeting with Edi Rama, Moore supported the stances held by the United States ambassador in Tirana, Alexander Arvizu, saying: “Even in the past we have expressed our position on the elections, and our ambassador made it clear that we want the Albanian people to trust the electoral process, the institutions and results after the June 23rd elections”.

Arvizu is not mentioned by chance in this declaration, and it is fully understandable. Since the last week, the Ambassador has been in the center of criticizing declarations by Prime Minister Berisha, about some declarations released by Arvizu on the Central Election Commission, which are not on the same line with the Prime Minister.

Political analysts did not hesitate to compare Berisha’s clashing with the Arvizu to the previous similar situations that the Prime Minister had with previous United States Ambassadors, such as Marisa Lino and John Withers. 

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