Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jannis Plutarxos: They call me fascist?

Reaction of great singer in Greece after he declared for voting for The Golden Dawn Party

Furious is the singer Jannis Ploutarxos those who criticized him and says to anoint fascist after the interview, he stated: "We will vote for Golden Dawn, if you manage to respect the problems of the Greeks."
This then is the official announcement of John Plutarch, as posted at their official site:

"Reading republish the electronic media of my statements in an interview with Proto Thema newspaper of 26 May, I would like to make the following clarification:" My thinking and my meaning, during this difficult time passing the Greek society, is the country get out of the impasse and have prosperity and progress. We owe to the generations to come. I had imagined would see 2013 to Greece in soup kitchens, have no job, and an uncertain future for her children. With interested in the solution of the problem in practice they're coming, and never voted for a party. As Greeks have learned to live with dignity and can not deprive us no. '"

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