Saturday, November 24, 2012

Berisha: "The position of the Albanians, can only to be the union in one country"

The Albanian irredentist designs described in detail by the Prime Minister of Albania during a conference in Tirana on 100 years of independence of the country.
 Sali Berisha told to conference referred to the fact that "the idea of ​​a single ethnic Albanian born in Kosovo" while describing the essential framework within which policy will move the country in the future said:
"We must do everything possible to shake off the natural border between Kosovo Albanians. The position of the Albanians can not be anything less than their union in a country. Since the Club of Prizren, the sole purpose of Albanians is the unification of the Albanian nation. "
Indeed it is the first time that the Albanian prime minister speaks to the "Great" or-even worse-on "Natural Albania". The summer conference in the "Neighbors of Albania" organized-and here is the interest of the case-Columbia University, USA, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, in collaboration with the Municipality of Tirana and the Foundation "Rockefeller Brothers' (!) Berisha had reported back to the idea of" Natural Albania ":
Speaking at the event, Albanian Prime Minister called on the country's neighbors to rid "of old antialvanikes, xenophobic and racist theories."

He said that the establishment of a union Albanian state, the Albanians are free, wherever they are. "But we are a divided nation, must work intensity to overcome their separation."
The above combined with the longer daily, reports of anti-Greek Albanian press as allegations of racial and religious discrimination, movements such as the name of the central square of Tirana Tsamouria as, statements of the Albanian foreign minister that monitor activity Greek nationalist parties, but also continuing challenges regarding property restitution compose a backdrop against which the Greek state simply has no idea that occurs naturally and is not concerned.


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