Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Albanian nationalists, in the "wake of violence"

Red & Black Alliance, protest against the Minister Spiro Ksera, charges him for treason against Albania

Red and Black Alliance youth went on a protest in front of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to seek condemnation of the minister Spiro Ksera to the national treason.

"Red and Black Alliance is here to protest against the anti-national behavior of the Minister of Labour, Spiro Ksera, who met with members of the "Golden Dawn", who has stated that it is working for the partition of Albania and the realization of the so-called" Northern Epirus ".

This is the government of Sali Berisha citizens, consisting of three Greek ministers and 13 filogrekë, who day after day are trying to work against the interests of Albania and Albanians. One sold the sea, the other nationalities and now facts and betrayals talk about the work being done by government ministers for partition of Albania. This is a shame on all national minister in this 100 anniversary of Albania's independence, "said Secretary of Youth Red Black, Adriatic Lapaj.

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