Friday, June 1, 2012

KKRRT approved project plans for development of Himara

The Civil Society of Himara, has opposed this project which favorites the Albanian Mafia

National Council of Territory Adjustment of Albania, approved at today's meeting Himara plan. According to the Prime Minister, who also directed the collection of KKRRTSH, Himara authorities have carefully crafted plan, which according to him shows that where there can be constructed in the Municipality of Himara, which according to him has great potential for tourism development .

"The plan sets out where there should be built. Local authorities, which have become more careful government support for developing a plan. Encourage municipalities to follow this example that the development of tourism to recognize other dimensions. Important to know the criteria specified in the plan ", - said Berisha.

Meanwhile, the Civil Society of Himara, has rejected the plan, which favors concessions of Albanian Mafia linked to prominent politicians in Tirana. "No Turning to Himara`s people properties including those of the Orthodox Church, can not be speaking for developments plans, voices, which are against the adoption of this plan.

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