Friday, June 1, 2012

Albanian Riviera: The Secret Mediterranean Paradise
What has clear water, beaches, and seafood to rival Italy or France's rivieras, but doesn't attract nearly as many tourists or command the same sky-high prices? It's the Albanian Riviera, and it has a lot to offer bargain-hungry travelers.
Drive the recently renovated coastal road for amazing views, and stop in the many cute seaside villages along the way. End or begin the drive at Llogara National Park, where you can see golden eagles, black pines, and even castles.
You'll have a wealth of beaches to choose from along the coast, but if you're really in search of the sun, Borsh has has the warmest climate.
Where Is it? Albania's coast. Fly to Croatia's international Dubrovnik Airport (check prices) and rent a car to cover the last 300 miles on land.
Where to Stay? At one of the more modern hotels, Rapo's Resort.
What Else Should I Know? High season, in July and August, is slightly-less budget-friendly but still a better bet than most other rivieras!
Who's it for? Budget travelers, beach-goers, the crowd-averse.

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