Wednesday, May 30, 2012

George Goro: Himara ready for tourist season

Goro George, head of the Municipality of Himara, in an interview shows his expectations as "the master of the country" for this year resort. What has changed in Himara, the illegal demolition of up to a big city staff to "train" eu care, the service in Himara and surrounding areas to be at the right height for tourists, this season.

Mr. Goro, have spent several days from the event that shook the whole public opinion, which left 13 people dead. Can you tell us how they found you just received notification?
I actually started some meetings in Tirana and told me what had happened the way. Connecting with employees of municipalities and municipal police and led them immediately to the scene. I was in constant contact with police structures in order to inform What happened minute by minute and immediately put in touch with the Ministry of Health and the Interior to take all measures. Starting from the tragic consequences of that unfortunate accident, I returned immediately to Himara passing almost all night in the hospital of Himare, because as we know, the only hospital center Himara. But the willingness of doctors, in particular the people of Himara caused this tragic accident to save many lives, so minimizonim magnitude of this tragedy.

In fact, this is the point where you need to focus a bit. It has to do with commitment and solidarity maximum Himara, who take notice, headed with whatever they could to the scene of an accident ...
I want to thank all my fellow citizens who had the courage and the courage to go to give first aid at the scene. If it would not be their major contribution, emphasize once again, the extent of the tragedy could have been larger. Himara citizens have long since shown that they are organizers and hosts. And this event showed best how are solidarity, not only in disaster. They have come down from all sides and with whatever they could to go to the bus accident. Here's a few days later, even though the accident had happened, Himara women returned to the scene. I wept with their weeping victims of this tragic accident, if they were their sons and daughters, making utmost respect. And for our community it means a lot. However, I noticed that all have welcomed this kind of reaction himarjot people.

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