Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fatos Nano asks Rama's support for President
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Nano asks Rama's support
On the verge of the meeting between Rama and Berisha, the self-declared candidate for President, Fatos Nano, threatens with a new political movement if he will not be supported by the Socialist Party for President.

Fatos Nano has met several Socialist MPs this Saturday, and activists of the civil society. Nano explained that his offer for President aimed to reinforce the Socialist Party that he has led for 15 years.

“In these meetings we discussed about the long and unclear hesitation of the Socialist leader, Edi Rama, for supporting Fatos Nano as president”, the press release says.

They also discussed about the possibility that Nano might not run for President, due to the lack of support from Edi Rama. In that case, Nano announces that he is planning a new political party, and the movements will start in the next week.

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