Monday, May 28, 2012

Appeal court in Vienna for the OSCE Mission in Tirana

Spanish company "Terracce" winning bid for the registration of properties in the Ionian Coast (Himara & Lukovo) has not taken money promised

Meanwhile, Albanian company "Lorenzo & CO." also throws in trial OSCE in Tirana

Registration of properties and assets in the Himara and Lukovo Region, fails completely, albeit giving only 40% of the amount of 360 thousand euros, a fund provided by the European Union and managed by the OSCE Mission in Tirana.

The Spanish company, "Terracce" winning the tender in Vienna, in 2009, has sued in the court of Vienna, the OSCE Mission in Tirana, as this firm winner, with sub contractor in Albania "Lorenzo Company" has taken only 40% the amount.

In this time, the company acted "Lorenzo" in Tirana, OSCE indicted in the court of Tirana blockage of funds, the registration process.

But chaos with this process goes beyond the OSCE, has asked the European Union, opening the fund of 1.5 million euros, to be paid to another Albanian company, which has taken the responsibility to perform the registration of assets in Himara Region.

Sources from the EU office in Tirana, for SManalysis confirm that "no funds will open as long as the OSCE should commit itself to a fair estate registration in Himara Region".

Finally, the OSCE mission in Albania, posing risks to the failure of the registration process, to the fact that in this process, may have high levels of corruption.

Greece, Switzerland and Czech Republic, have been the donor of the project, while the failure of property registration process in Himara Region, fails for the fourth time in 20 years, this time by the OSCE (Mission for Cooperation and security in Europe).

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