Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Himara Community

Press release

The Himara Community, called on Saturday 2 June, 2012, in Drymades, Himara Municipality, took the following decisions:

1. Request to the Himara Municipality, to full transparency, for the decisions of the Municipality Council and the administration, by September 1 of the year 2011, decisions and agreements with the Albanian government and the OSCE in connection with the people of Himara properties with respect to concessions and construction permit, to declare publicly in every village, in the interests of the right of public information, based on constitutional law. To make public, archive and decisions of construction permits, inherited from the previous administration of the Municipality. To call in September, the Conference PanHimariotes for properties.

2. The Himara Community, decided unanimously holding scientific symposium,for  the hero of Himara, Spiro Spiromilo, on the occasion of 100 anniversary of Revolt of Himara.

3. Seeing opportunist and corrupt attitude of OSCE Mission in Tirana, in relation to the property registration project in the Himara Region, announced as the "person non grata"the  OSCE ambassador, in Tirana, Eughen Worlfarth.

4. The Himara Community, addresses publicly, to the U.S. ambassador in Tirana, Alexander Arvizu, as a special guest, to visit the Himara Region, under the observance of universal human rights, to demand that thousands of American citizens originally from Himara to have properties inherited from their grandparents, to investigate the looting of the properties of the people of Himara.

5. The Himara Community, addresses the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, on behalf of citizens with dual nationality by Himara (European and Albanian) to send a special Prosecutor to investigate Court decisions and the Albanian institutions, in connection with robbery assets of the Himara Region and Orthodox Church.

6. The Himara Community, addressed the Albanian Orthodox Archdiocese and his Eminence Janullatos, to establish a Diocese in Himara, as Orthodox Christian Church in Himara Region, which, being of assets looted by the Mafia.

7. The Himara Community, formally gives the honorary title as the "World Cultural Ambassador of  Himara" to Dr. George Tenet and the "World Honor of Himara" to Olympic Champion Pirro Dimas, making invitation to visit this summer Himara.

Participant and the meeting for The Himara community, Photo: Prof. Priamo Bollano, Dr. Niko Nesturi (Chairman of Coast Line Association), Theodori Bollano (Chairman of the Council of the Himara Community), Stavri Marko (Executive Director of the Himara Community),  Petro Gjoni, Lefter Daflla, Jako Malo Harilla Duni, Marko Daflla, Petro Konomi.

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