Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tirana: Serb Referendum in Kosovo is illegal 
Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it is following the developments in northern Kosovo and expressed concern about holding a referendum organized by the Serbian parallel structures.

Media Adviser at MFA, Eva Kushova stated that "this referendum does not serve the interest of ethnic communities to become fully integrated in the social, economic and political society of the Republic of Kosovo."

"The holding of this referendum does not serve climate of dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, a process necessary to resolve important issues for the citizens of Kosovo and Serbia, and quality indicators of their maturity in the process of European integration." - Said Kushova further.

Note: Annyway, this is the first Regional reaction after the Self-Determination of Kosovo in 2008 and giving the Right by Hague Tribunal of Kosoovo Indipendence.

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