Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Greek police block a ton of hashish "Made in Albania"

- An superBoat with about 1 ton of hashish came from Albania, is blocked by Greek police during an operation conducted yesterday evening.

Corfu police suggests that the suoperboat 11 meters long and with two engines of 350 cubic feet, loaded with a ton of hashish, was blocked on the beach called "Rio Antirio", near the city of Patra (Greece).

Sources by greek police, precision that the marine driver attempted twice to enter tp the Albanian territorial waters, but the border police, in cooperation with the Greek police have launched a joint action to stop the traffickers
"When the boat is inserted inside the waters of Corfu (Greece), in the south of the island, in its pursuit of the police was also Lefkada", specifies the police, adding that after several hours of chase boat was found abandoned in Patra.

Policecoastal city suggested that the driver has left supergomonen to escape arrest, while the control lock a gun Kalashnikov-type automatic fire.

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