Friday, February 17, 2012

Αdriano Celentano: “Greece Was Forced to Buy Weapons from Germany and France”

(original story in Greek by Inga Athanasiadou)
Internationally acclaimed Italian singer and actor Adriano Celentano, while at the San Remo Music Festival 2012, referred to the Greek debt crisis and the “compulsory purchase of weapons the country had to make from Germany and France”.
“Merkel and Sarkozy told Greece that if it wanted their help, it had to buy armored trucks and war vessels from them. Thus, imposing new austerity measures on the Greek people, who have now reached their limits”, commented Celentano.
“Not only Italian Corriere della Sera, but NY Wall Street Journal have revealed that Berlin and Paris sold weapons to Greece in order to help it financially. Is this the cynical Europe we want? A Europe full of weapons?” wondered the Italian singer.
Celentano also referred to the politicization of the catholic newspapers in Italy and to the Supreme Court of Italy rejecting the referendum proposal for changing the electoral legislation, while he described the new Monti government of his country as made of “first-class material but subject to the corrosive powers of the political parties”.

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