Sunday, February 12, 2012

Edi Rama: Crime won over state

Raised the criminality in Albania, risking the politic stanillity

Rama: Crime won over state
The Socialist Party organized the Table for Public Order and Security, from where the Opposition Leader, Edi Rama, declared that the state has lost the battle with the crime.

“Something alarming is happening today in Albania. You can open the news and see that the crime is returning with a frightening prepotency, as a social and individual nightmare for the Albanian citizens. The murders, the explosions, the robberies, the thefts have turned into news that are nothing new”, Rama declared.

Rama promised zero tolerance for crime, in a different governing.

“This means that we will have a different behavior with the Constitution, the institutions, the opposition, the citizens and the communities. We will behave differently with the law and justice, even if corruption will touch any of our representatives. We will have a different behavior with the crime and its consequences. This is a war that today is being won by the crime, but tomorrow will be won by the state. I know how this battle can be won, and I know that the only way to fight it is being firm against crime and its causes”, Rama declared.

The former Chief of Police, Pjerin Ndreu, showed the increase of criminality around the country, which, according to him, is in frightening levels.

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