Monday, February 13, 2012

Albania: Air support interrupted

Air support interrupted
The helicopters have interrupted their flights over the isolated areas, in which they offered aids in food.

The head of the regiment declared that the bad weather does not allow the vehicles to fly, and that they will start working as soon as the weather conditions will get better. The mist and the strong wind are considered very dangerous for the life of the pilots, who have risked their life with some recent missions in the area.

“Today it is impossible to fly, because the clouds are very low. The pilots are ready to realize their mission as soon as there will be any availability. Our pilots finished 8 missions, but the weather conditions are not allowing us to intervene. Everything is programmed to start helping as soon as the weather conditions will be better”, declared Dhori Spirollari, Commander of the Aerial Forces.

The air operations were stopped this Saturday, and judging by the weather, they might not work until Wednesday.

The Farka Air Base pilots have distributed aids in Trebisht, Ostren, Klenje, Zall Rec and Derjan.

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