Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kreshnik Spahiu resigns

Kreshnik Spahiu resigns
The Vice Chairman of the High Council of Justice, Kreshnik Spahiu, resigned for his post. He argued his decision with the inability of having an impartial trial from the Constitutional Court, for the suit that he has filed against the ruling party for the process they started for his discharge.

Spahiu has considered that procedure as a clear violation of the HCJ independence, granted by the Albanian Constitution.

“I have decided to resign for leaving it up to the Constitutional Court to decide about the accusations that aim to throw mud on my name. I want to make it clear that I will not return in this role, even if the Court will rule in my favor”, Spahiu declared.

In his short speech, Spahiu identified it as a constant battle that has started three and a half years ago between the HCJ and politics, for preserving the independence and the referee role in face of the constant pressures.

“The justice independence, as an essential matter for the future of the country, has turned into my personal battle which I will continue even away from my duty as vice Chairman of the HCJ”, he declared.

Alibeaj: Commission will continue investigation

The Chairman of the Commission for the Discharge of the High Council of Justice Vice Chairman, Engelejd Alibeaj, declared that the resignation of the HCJ vice Chairman is official only after it arrives in Parliament.

“Until Spahiu’s resignation will arrive in Parliament, the commission will continue its job”, Alibeaj declared.

According to him, the Commission will sue Spahiu for refusing to hand over the requested information.

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