Friday, November 4, 2016

George Papandreou and Edi Rama, two stars of the Balkan Renaissance

Edi Rama was in opposition when the Greek public was introduced as the new
"Star" of Balkan politics, it also merit his former friend George
Papandreou, who also as Rama promised rebirth of Greece. Papandreou came
to Tirana, Rama went to Athens to meet migrants and promising duo
internationalist vision was followed by both parties through
teleconference in English and Greek.

In fact the kindness of Edi Rama fellow the "Socialist PASOK" and support for Papandreou as the man who had Greece overcame all modesty, so as the chairman of the Socialist
Party came in Greek congress sister party in Greece to move ahead with
Renaissance vision. Synergy or conjecture of PASOK of George Papandreou
chose for running the country, but on top of two years his party led the
country into the worst financial crisis and electorally down from the
first party to 5%.

George Papandreou was the first to disappoint
the Greeks. The second is that disappoints is the "Star" another
Balkans, Edi Rama, who originally created the illusion with his
secondment internationalist, which was later confirmed as political
nonsense that was applauded prematurely.

These are the elite politicians of the "George Soros"

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