Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Korçë, the Greek Community, protests for termination of pension

Greek Government's decision to remove the pension minority living in Albania, has been associated with the response of the Greek Community in Korca.

This morning a representative of the Greek community have held a meeting with the Greek consul, Yannis Pedhjosis, which has submitted an application on behalf of all minorities living in this city for the reconnection of the Greek pension.

Greek diplomat Pedhjosis then invited representatives to his office to discuss closely related their concerns related to the socio-economic situation created for these people after the Greek pension withdrawal.

According to sources within the Greek cConsulate learned that Pedhjosis supported their request and promised a quick solution to the problem in question, as he has stated that their demand letter will be sent to Athens official. The meeting was supervised by many police forces, after prior notification has been to a protest outside the consulate premises.

After the meeting, which lasted about 30 minutes, the Greek consul issued Greek Communities representatives, the back door to avoid contacts with journalists.

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