Monday, February 18, 2013

Gjirokastër, u ndërpritet pensioni nga Greqia, minoritarët protestojnë

Argjirokastër, Community of Northern Epirus, protests against Athens

Community Northern Epiriotes, protested today in front of the Greek Consulate in Gjirokastër, for blocking pensions from Greece.

With the new law passed by the Greek Parliament, many people from the community of Northern Epirus lose pension Albanian OGA Insurance Office.

With the introduction of the law, one month minorities have not benefited for years from retirement neighboring state. Meanwhile today, the Greek community protested to the Greek consulate in Gjirokastër

To take advantage of the new pension law, pension beneficiaries are required to give up any other income, the past 20 years have lived in Greece, and their annual income not exceeding 4 230 euro, these unrealistic conditions the elderly.

There are about 18 000 people in Northern Epirus, Southern Albania, who lose pension rights law, as in the conditions of economic crisis, Greece decided to put the scissors on the economic aid, which for years had given them.

The law was opposed by many members of the Greek Parliament.

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