Tuesday, February 19, 2013

 Samaras`s adviser, strong reactions to Berisha

Failos Kranidiotis "If Albanian chauvinists threaten the Greeks of Northern Epirus, Greece clearly will react"

Failos Kranidiotis speaks for the Northern issue, stopping OGA pensions to elderly expatriates, the state of Education in Northern Epirus, the rights of the ethnic Greek minority, but also the nationalist rhetoric has lately adopted the Albania's political class.

"Tirana have long way to go to become a European democracy" and "good relations with Albania must always be directly proportional with respect from that of the Greek National Minority, lets living in recognized minority areas or not," says a close associate of Antonis Samaras.

The politician with a special love for Northern Epirus, sends a clear message to Berisha and puce to set aside the irredentist statements and not to forget that "live off remittances from Greece" because "a deterioration of relations with Greece only losers will get their country. "

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