Saturday, October 27, 2012

Red and Black Alliance activists block the entrance to the ""Golden Down" in Përmet

As was announced a few days ago, the Red and Black Alliance has blocked the entry of Greek Party The Golden Down groups and some members of the Golden Dawn, who will travel to Këlcyra to celebrate the liberation of Greece. Dozen members of alleance have come up with flags and banners in the national road near the bridge Dragoti, where Greeks will spend more after Monastery Këlcyra.

"Red and Black Alliance strongly condemns and not kneeling diplomacy reaction of the Albanian government, which continues to despise and wellbeing and morale of the Albanian nation with an anti-national policy and in support of regional anti-Albanian Serbian-Greek," have Protest organizers said.
According to them, this protest was a clear message that it will not be accepted for any price and under any circumstances such behavior by the Golden Dawn, which are intended only to destabilize the south of Albania.

"Red and Black Alliance vows that Greece implement the principle of reciprocity where for every Albanian citizen who treated abnormal Greek border, the same would apply to every citizen of Greece that will pass right Albania. For every Albanian to be reversed, because it Cham, a Greek citizen will be allowed to pass right in our country.

Identity, moral and territorial integrity of the Albanians can not and will not ever be a mechanism used by the government anti-Albanian government of Sali Berisha citizens for personal political interests. Red and Black Alliance urges that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania to react against the visit tendentious anti-Albanian purposes and call for explanation Greek Embassy officials in Albania, who are seen to support Neo-Nazi activities and the Golden Dawn, "said AK notice after the organization of the protest.

Gazeta Shqip

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