Friday, October 26, 2012

Janullatos: "Society and Albanian institutions have prevented the church from 1994-s"

Shekulli newspaper

BERAT-head of the Albanian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, Dr Anastasios of Tirana, has issued a strong statement against the Albanian society and the Albanian authorities in recent years, as an obstacle to its progress in Albania.

These resentment accumulated over the years, His Grace, Janullatos made ​​to St. Demetrios Church in Berat, a cathedral that has been broken up in 1991, while is totally rikonstrktuar only four years ago, where he was to celebrate day of the saint of the same name.

Janullatos mentioned in 1994, when the Albanian society, but also media institutions began attacks then followed in the years to his prejudice or judgment as part of the Greek anti clans. Janullatos said that in 1994 the state authorities were not very positive towards the Orthodox Church, while the Albanian society is moving towards capitalism, another illusion, having no faith and religion.

"We hope not to come to the country of persecution scourge, which we have lived here many years ago. It was a great earthquake destroyed, bying that all things, but there are also other small fluctuations bother us. Life after the great illusion that lived about goods atheistic communist society is moving towards one another illusion of capitalism, there is no faith in religion and mainly found no value, "said Janullatos.

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