Thursday, October 25, 2012

Balkan map is closed

Balkan map is closed
“The Map of South-Eastern Europe is closed”. This message was given by the British main diplomat, William Hague, who visited Kosovo for the first time, after the meeting held this Thursday morning with the Prime Minister, Hashim Thaci.

Hague declared that this was made clear two Serbia also two years ago.

“We made it clear what Serbia must do to receive the EU candidate status. I was in Serbia two year ago, together with my German colleague, where I declared that the South Eastern Europe map is now closed. We told them that if they want to be an EU candidate country, they should start the dialogue with Kosovo. We are very clear with Serbia about this matter”, Hague declared.

Hague underlined that in the first phase of the dialogue, baroness Catherine Ashton will identify the issues that will be discussed. She also supported the meeting between Thaci and Dacic.

“The Kosovo-Serbia dialogue for normalizing the relations is essential for both countries, in order to continue the European path. I strongly support the meeting between Thaci and Dacic, and I encourage all parties to continue like this. I will send the same peace messages to Belgrade”, Hague declared.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, declared for the journalists that Kosovo is ready to continue the dialogue process for which they have built a widen consensus, and that the chapter of conflicts is being closed gradually, opening this way that of Euro-Atlantic integrations.

“We don’t expect Serbia to recognize Kosovo as a state in the days, weeks and months to follow, but we expect an European behaviour as regards Kosovo, so that this EU relation between Kosovo and Serbia will bring the recognition of the five EU member countries and Kosovo’s membership in the UN”, Thaci declared.

The British diplomat appealed for the implementation of the conditions that bring Kosovo closer to the EU, and that are related with war against organized crime, against corruption and the fulfilment of the human rights for all communities.

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