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The "Kissinger Plan": Confederations Macedonia, Epirus, Thrache, 

For nearly 20 years (decades 70 and 80) that culminated in the international political scene was none other than the Secretary of State, ChaintsAlfrent Kissinger (Heinz Alfred Kissinger). Born in Germany in 1923 by parents of Jewish origin, who in 1938 fled to America under the threat of the Nazi regime, initially followed an academic career at Harvard, but also participated in various government agencies and committees involved external policy and security of the United States . So, in 1969 he was appointed National Security Advisor to President Nixon and later, during President Ford, he served as foreign minister and, after Carter's election to the presidency, he founded a consultancy company and continued his career as an expert foreign policy and was awarded the Nobel Peace 1993.Mono which for Greece was one of the most basic makers 'appetite' for our neighbors scheming Greek territories as "plan" included the dismemberment of Greece. One state starts from Arta and over, called Greater Albania. The second state has to do with Skopje, which created the state of Macedonia, which goes to Larissa. The third state is Thrace. And all this will gradually become the "fall" of the cultural elements of the Greeks, as Kissinger stated that: "The people of the Greco is anarchic and difficult to harnessed. Therefore you must strike deep roots in culture. Then you might be forced to comply. I mean to attack his language, his religion, spiritual and historical reserves, so as to neutralize its ability to develop, to distinguish, to prevail, so as not to disturb us in the Balkans, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, Throughout this crucial area of strategic importance for us. "

Since then, whether the statement is true or not, what he described seeing them since then to gradually become reality Macedonians, Albanians and Turks, and fueled the "plan" for adjusting the territories of the Balkan countries. In summary, called "Kissinger Plan" provides the solution of problems of the Middle East, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans, with the creation of a confederation of states, with ponomazomenon "United States Eastern Mediterranean" (LAEC). At the same time, part of the EU already enrolled in this or future enlargement Field Theory (North America) will be cut off, or will be part of a "loosely affiliated" with this wing that extends eastward.

According to some information, the "plan" was launched in 1989. Then consisted initially resolve the problem Palaispnion Israel, the "break" of Israel, a goal that almost made recently. The second phase provided break up of Yugoslavia, the goal has been achieved. The third phase is considered that promotes federalism in Cyprus (after it has been cleaved in two "states"), Phase made this stigmi.Edo but things are starting to become more interesting. According to some estimates, the "Plan" in the original version provided further:

■ autonomy Crete. Dodecanese islands of the eastern Aegean and western Asia Minor.

■ autonomy of eastern, western Thrace kaitisnotiou Bulgaria.

■ Increase the territories of the State of Skopje with annexation of Macedonia and Thessaly.

■ Increase the Albanian territories to the south until andthe Preveza.

Already in 1989, he had discovered that the loss of Greek-Turkish disputes will long term objectives:

• The demilitarization of the islands of the Aegean.

• The demilitarization of Turkish coasts of Asia Minor, to where, as they say. does not go beyond.

• The establishment of Greek-Turkish business (tourism, petroleum, commercial, industrial) and establishing a free trade zone in the Aegean and Asia Minor coast between the two countries as part of a "mixed zone," which would evolve into an autonomous "state-pad" local conflicts, international influence and controlled by the UN.......



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