Thursday, October 25, 2012

Polls of SManalysis: 

Members of the Community of Himara, vote for Autonomy from Greece and Albania

In a survey poll, made ​​under monitoring of SManalysis, members of The Himara Community in three countries, Albania, USA and Europe, regarding the historical and regional respective, have voted for independence of The Himara Region, in its historical context, while only two votes, have meant that currently involved with Albania, felt themselves better than involvement with Greece, which has been the sharp decline economically.

The polls also show that a small part, think that Himara may be included within a state historic tipicaly as was Epirus, which ranks third behind Albania and Greece, in preference polls.

In total 38% of Polls, think that Himara should be independent, 36% think that Himara should be involved in the Albanian state, 24% think that Himara must be included with the state of Greece, and only 2% think the inclusion Himara inside historic Epirus

The poll has been claimed on SManalysis from three months.

One such survey was conducted two years before, in which The Himara Community, vote involvement with Greece, was dominant against Albania and the Independence of Himara, which was ranked third ..

According to polls, the difficult economic situation that Greece is going through has changed positions, having more returns opinion migration to Himara, to manage the perspective of tourism and property care.

According to INSTAT the Albanian Statistic Institute, The Himara Region composes about 8% of the total tourism of Albania, with about 80 million euro GDP in year. 

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