Friday, October 26, 2012

Clinton to visit Tirana on November 1st

Clinton to visit Tirana on November 1st
The Albanian Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, declared that the visit of the US State Secretary Hillary Clinton to Tirana is the most important event for the celebration of Albania’s 100th anniversary of independence.

Prime Minister Berisha, who invited Mrs. Clinton to Tirana for the independence celebrations during his visit in Washington, published a special declaration for welcoming the US State Secretary.

Clinton will arrive to Tirana on November 1st, after travelling to Algeria and the Balkan region.

The US State Department declared that during her visit in Tirana, Clinton will emphasize the solidarity of America with Albania as a NATO ally. She will hold a speech for the 100th anniversary of independence, where she will note the critical need for more political cooperation and for the rule of law”.

In his declaration, Berisha underlines that this visit is a testimony of the excellent relations between our two nations, the friendly sentiment and the respect that Secretary Clinton and the US government have for the Albanians, and a testimony of the support that they have given and give to Albania and the Albanian nation, in the effort to build a democracy based on the market values.

Berisha underlined that the visit of Secretary Clinton for the 100th anniversary of independence is a great honour and a special occasion for the citizens and the relatives of the country for expressing once again the deep support to the extraordinary role of the US in these 100 years of Albania’s efforts for freedom, national dignity and fir the inter-institutional and Euro-Atlantic integration”.

Hillary Clinton is the fourth US Secretary of State that visits Albania after the fall of communism: James Baker in 1991, Madeleine Albright in 1998, Colin Powell in 2003. There’s also the historical visit of President George Bush in June 2007, which show the support of the US for Albania.

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