Sunday, October 9, 2011

STRATFOR: "Turkey loses the crisis and will react hot"

October 9 2011

Risk "hot" trends sees now entirely up to the Eastern Mediterranean in the American Institute of strategic analysis STRATFOR which justifies the conclusion arguing something entirely logical: Turkey is at an impasse ("Ankara has made the stakes much higher than both the permit forces to the pass ") and because it will not be able to halt drilling and" locking "of the deposit that will change the history of Cyprus, will want to" get the blood back "with a victory in the field battle.

Hoping that this will come back in the game or at worst will have to show a military victory that would redefine borders and control.

Even strengthen their position by saying that ¨ lost for Turkey's incentive to refrain from haphazard actions that prospective entry into the EU! "No funds for the accession process of Turkey has not opened by July 2010", note analysts, adding that Turkey has already made known that it would freeze all relations with the EU, when he assumes the presidency of Cyprus in 2012 . This reality can lead to Ankara haphazard movements in the Mediterranean.

Regarding the attitude of the U.S. is now "neutral" states the STRATFOR and Ankara is highly displeased by this, especially the issue of drilling.

Ankara says it will launch its own investigations for oil and gas, but must also find a strong foreign partner, who did not come. The U.S. has taken a position in favor of Israel's choice, the French are opposing force, Russia is a competitor and rival of Turkey "

As the STRATFOR, Turkey chose a tough rhetoric, especially against Israel, but it seems that it can support operations, at least for now. "If Ankara fails to stop drilling in Cyprus will be seen once again ineffective. And it is unlikely to stop, So we seek to prevail in another front. "

In the "weak link" because now the government and economic turmoil, we say ...

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