Tuesday, October 11, 2011

FYROM: Census Cancelled, Albanians Are Below 17%

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The ruling Government has decided to cancel and postpone the Census for some other time. No one is sure when would that be.

The Census had counted nearly 1.3 million people so far and one thing became evident: the Albanian ethnicum will not be able to reach the coveted 25% they reached in a fraudulent census back in 2002.

Information from ethnic Albanian census takers point that according to the numbers from the field, and despite ignoring the Census laws by counting people that were not present, the Albanian ethnicum would struggle to get to 17% of the population, as many had believed. Hence the alarm was sounded, all ethnic Albanians from the Census Bureau resigned, while the Macedonians resigned because the Census laws were ignored, people that were not present for years were being counted.

NATO/EU's 25%

Because of the "uprising" orchestrated by NATO/EU, which was intended to turn Macedonia into a second Kosovo and a base for NATO, the Ohrid Framework agreement written for Macedonia in Brussels before the conflict begun had stipulated law changes for ethnic Albanians should they be 25% of the population.

The miracle happened in the 2001 census overseen by NATO/EU when somehow the ethnic Albanians pulled off an astonishing 25.2% of the population. Lets not forget, Crvenkovski whose party was in charge of the census was thrilled with the new numbers, which should have been a red flag... and it was.

Now when the more realistic numbers have leaked, it will put the forever unhappy Albanians at less than 17% which in turn brings into question the validity of the Ohrid Framework Agreement! It also brings into question the number of DUI and DPA MPs in Parliament.

Although Albanians are used to a preferred treatment in it that they are always right, must be appeased and their demands met, Eurocrat and Merkel worried for their own country had this to say: Giving rights to minorities doesn't work and creates instability. Either accept the German culture and language or return to your home country". Sarkozy said the same thing when speaking of France.

In Macedonia, not just that the Albanian ethnicum has received more rights than the Macedonians themselves and other minorities, they publicly say they do not feel Macedonia is their country (most of them came as refugees from Kosovo). All of this as a result of a fraudulent census in 2001.

Macedonia should for once take a page from Greece, Albania and Bulgaria and administer a census the way these countries administer it: Count people as "Macedonian Citizens" or "Non Citizens". Problem Solved. Albania even fines people $1,000 if you claim to be of other ethnicity.


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