Wednesday, October 12, 2011

“Framework solution for N. Kosovo should be found first"

PRAGUE -- Belgrade team head Borislav Stefanović said Wednesday that prior to the new round of talks Belgrade would try to find a framework for northern Kosovo solution.

Borislav Stefanović (Tanjug, file)
Borislav Stefanović (Tanjug, file)

He stressed that it would be done in cooperation with the international community.

“When it comes to the dialogue with Priština, Serbia will be ready as soon as a framework for the solution for the Jarinje and Brnjak crossings is found, which will definitely be a topic of Serbia's talks with the international community,” Stefanović told Radio Free Europe.

“It is obvious that Priština is not willing to deal with the burning issue of northern Kosovo, showing thus how irresponsible it is with regard to what is going on out there and how much it really does not want the crisis to be resolved,” the negotiator pointed out.

When asked whether it is possible to reach a framework for the solution, as both Priština and the EU refuse to discuss the Kosovo north as part of the dialogue on technical issues, Stefanović said that the issue would not be touched on in the current Belgrade-Priština dialogue, but that it was debated very seriously outside the process.

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