Wednesday, October 12, 2011

RBA, "Albanian parade" in New York

RBA, Albanian parade in New York
A red and black parade was organized today in New York, USA, organized by the Red and Black Alliance with the help of Albanian American youth, members of the Albanian Roots Organization (Kosovo and Muslim Community of Albania).

Columbus Day is one of the few occasions when the US Albanians, same as the other countries that founded it, could join to celebrate and show the Albanian roots.

Protagonist of the Albanian parade was Kreshnik Spahiu, leader of the Red and Black Alliance, who cooperated with three young Albanian Americans to enable the meeting of hundreds of Albanians in the center of New York.

The Albanian symbols covered the event that was dedicated to Chameria. Some well known Albanian singers lightened up the atmosphere in the Manhattan Center, such as Frederik Ndoci, Ciljeta and especially Genta Ismaili, who sang for the Albanian Americans the hymn of the Red and Black Alliance.

“The message that they want to inject on the Albanians’ mind, that there’s nothing can be done for Albania, must change. A lot can be done for Albania, and it must be done from those who think Red and Black. Some made our country red, and other made it black. It is time for Albania to become Red and Black”, Spahiu declared.

The most exciting moment of this parade was marked when hundreds of Albanian Americans marched on the 5th Avenue, one of most tourist frequented boulevards in New York.

For more than three hours, everything in the center of New York was Albanian; it was represented with dignity by showing to the world the western civilization of a small, but not forgotten country. As Faik Konica has said: “The Albanians are born Albanians in Albania, and they become patriots in America”.

This was a typical American parade, a tradition of the nations that built a free country. That’s how the Albanians are today, free and proud for everything that they have given and that they have taken in the “Promised Land” with merits, talent and pride.


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