Monday, June 3, 2013

U.S Says Greek-Turkish Border Porous


Α U.S. State Department report expressed concern about the Greek border with Turkey, and terrorist attacks in Greece.
There has been concern about the Greek border with Turkey, since the Greek authorities are making efforts to control illegal immigration, but the operation is difficult and chances of success are limited. It is noted that the recent uprisings in the Arab world and North Africa contributed to the increase of the flow of illegal immigrants to Greece.
The report emphasized that relevant U.S. agencies trained members of the Hellenic Coast Guard in Athens, Piraeus, Crete, Patras and Thessaloniki, and the participation of the Greek government in this cooperation is described as “broad and inclusive”.
In the part related to Greece, there are recorded low power attacks with improvised explosive devices from anarchist organizations, whose ultimate goal seems to be not to cause casualties, but to convey political messages.
The annual State Department report which strongly noted the cooperation between Greek Authorities and the U.S.A in the field of counter-terrorism and protection of American interests in Greece, reported that many members of the two most active domestic terrorist organizations, the “Revolutionary Struggle “and” Conspiracy of Cells of Fire ‘ have been in prison since 2011, while stating that both in Athens and Thessaloniki there were explosions aimed at politician’s assets, party offices, ministries, tax offices and private vehicles .

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