Sunday, June 2, 2013

Former KLA members detained by EULEX

Former KLA members detained by EULEX
Seven former Kosovo Liberation Army members in Drenica were taken under custody last night after the Court of Appeal changed their house arrest measure until June 24th.

The EULEX says that the reason for this measure is the risk of having obstacles in the trial, by affecting the witnesses.

The seven former KLA members, Sylejman Selimi (Currently Kosovo Ambassador to Albania), Sami Lushtaku (Head of the Skenderaj Commune), Jahir Demaku, Zeqir Demaku, Sahit Jashari, Hysni Thaci and Avni Zabeli are being interrogated by the EULEX over war crime charges during the Kosovo war.

The defensive lawyers declared that they will appeal the decision at the Supreme Court and will demand their unconditional liberation.

The arrest of the former KLA members has caused several reactions in Kosovo, and thousands of citizens protested this Monday against the EULEX decisions.

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