Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Investigation task force for Albanian elections

Investigation task force for elections
One day before the New Criminal Code amends take affect and enforce harsher punishments for the violators of the electoral law, the opposition leader, Edi Rama, addressed a letter to the General Prosector, Adriatik Llalla.

In the letter that Top Channel has also secured, Rama asks the Prosecutor of establishing a task force for the elections, saying that: “The Socialist Party has noted several problems that hamper the citizens’ constitutional right and the subjects that run in this electoral process. The Socialist Party notes that there are illegal and criminal acts. As result, their authors should be prosecuted by the institution that you lead”, Rama writes.

“I want to express my full conviction that the request I am presenting you will be valued with the importance and emergency it has, and as an answer it will have the realization of a serious work, completely independent from the political actors, as you have promised and as I and all Albanians hope that you will do”, the opposition leader concludes in his letter.

One day after the opposition asked the Prosecution to become an active part of the prevention and punishment of the electoral law violators, the Socialist Party also filed the first criminal reports.

Some kindergarten and school directors have been reported by their subordinates of obliging them to participate in Democratic Party meetings.

“We have made the reports with specific names, which we don’t want to mention here. But this is about institutions such as schools and kindergartens. The leaders of these institutions have been reported an certainly that the ones who suffer here are their subordinates”, declared Bledar Cuci, a Socialist Party official.

The report states that besides pressures, some of them have also been dismissed from their duties.

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