Monday, January 14, 2013

Unknown Assailants Fire Kalashnikov Guns At Central Offices of New Democracy Party

According to television reports, two unidentified men carrying heavy weaponry, opened fire, with Kalishnakov guns, at the headquarters of the New Democracy party on Syggroy Avenue early on Monday morning. According to television and radio reports, the assailants even targeted the office of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras.

Police officials have set up road blocks in the area and from what we know Greece's counter terrorism unit is at the scene to conduct a thorough investigation.

Television reports said that at least two people were involved in this terrorist attack. MEGA channel said that the sniper used a Kalashnikov rifle, while his assistant picked up the fired bullets. Reports on other news services are claiming that there are more people involved.

Interestingly, a report on defencenet said that the culprits used a car which was apparently located at about 7:30 am in the area of Paleo Faliro after being set ablaze.

Greece's counter terrorism unit will now review all the evidence at hand, including the tapes from the security cameras in the area.

Mr. Samaras was quickly briefed by officials on the attack, and party general secretary Manolis Kefaloyiannis is also at the scene.

*Expect an update on this story later on during the day.

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