Sunday, January 13, 2013

Serbian parliament adopts resolution on Kosovo

Serbia urges autonomy for Serbs in Kosovo


BELGRADE -- The Serbian parliament adopted the Resolution on Kosovo late on Saturday with 175 votes for and 19 against.
The Serbian government had previously lifted the confidential status of the Platform.
None of the MPs abstained from voting. The Resolution was supported by all parties except for the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS), Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina (LSV) and independent MP Riza Halimi.

The platform, that was initially confidential, will be published on the Serbian government’s website.

The Resolution stresses that Serbia does not recognize Kosovo’s independence, envisages that all agreements with Priština need to be in accordance with the document and it especially insists on establishement of the Autonomous Community of Serb Municipalities.

The initial document was changed thanks to three amendments proposed by the parliamentary Committee on Kosovo.

The MPs did not adopt 15 amendments of the DSS and one amendments of the DS.

The heated debate lasted for more than 14 hours and was suspended twice because of the DS amendment. The DS decided to withdraw the amendment after the government had declassified the document.

The DSS MPs strongly criticized the document. PM Ivica Dačić said, commenting on accusations that the “government has established the border between Serbia and Kosovo”, that he “will never betray Kosovo”.

“We have a responsibility and you can personally sacrifice as much as you want but do not call for honorable defeats. Let us win in Kosovo for once, let us win together,” he said.

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić also attended the session and addressed the MPs.

“Some people did not dare solve the issue of Kosovo for eight years. I have lost much in life but I cannot lose Kosovo because it is not mine to lose,” he stressed.

The Serbian parliament wrapped up the session around 01:00 CET.

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