Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Zafar Ansar gives his version


Zafar Ansar gives his version
The Socialist Party based their accusations against the Prime Minister’s daughter, Argita Malltezi, on a correspondence between her legal office and the Paki businessman, Zafar Ansar, who wanted to invest in Albania’s energy.

But what is Mr.Ansar’s position on this history that started in 2007? He lives in Sweden, and Top Channel was able to interview him through Skype. He was asked about his version of the correspondence and how the cooperation with Berisha’s daughter had started. He answered to the questions of how he met the Albanian Prime Minister and what they discussed.

Zafar Ansar: The meeting was organized by the Albanian ambassador in Saudi Arabia. I met the Prime Minister to inform him about my plan to build a 12 MW thermal power station. The Prime Minister was happy to hear about this project and declared that he would make everything possible, adding that he hoped I would cooperate with good people in Albania. I thanked him by saying that the pleasure was mine.

Top Channel: Who introduced you to Argita Berisha’s legal firm?

Zafar Ansar: The meeting was organized by Mr.Admir, Albanian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

Top Channel: Have you met Argita Berisha personally?

Zafar Ansar: Several times.

Top Channel: What made you abandon this investment project?

Zafar Ansar: I didn’t abandon the project, but I was told that I couldn’t receive the permit just because I didn’t buy the land with the high price that was offered to me. Even if I received the permit, I would not buy that land, because it was not adequate to what I was about to build. I was sorry that I couldn’t realize a 100 million EUR investment.

We will publish the full interview after the news edition of 19:30, on our official website.

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