Friday, December 14, 2012

The Orthodox Church in Durres

Orthodox Church: The Census data are unacceptable

6.75% of the Albanian population belong to the Orthodox faith, but for the Orthodox Church, this result is unacceptable.

"The data published are unrealistic, surprising and unacceptable," said AI-Orthodox Church spokesman, in Tirana.

While Census data provide 56.70% Muslim, 10.03 Catholics, 2.09 Bektashi, 0.14 evangelical, 2.5 are declared atheists and 5.49 as believers unspecified, while 13.79% did not answer this question.

As for the ethno-cultural affiliation shows that 82.58% responded that they are Albanian, Roma Greek 0.87 0.30 0.30 Macedonian Aromanian and 0.20.

While the census is opposed by certain quarters that in the beginning, his record is challenged again.

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