Sunday, December 9, 2012


 "Pegasus II": To unmanned aircraft of the Greek Air Force

Business is fully redesigned and larger capacities drone (MEA) 'Pegasus II' of Greek Air Force, according to a report in the journal "Greek Defense & Technology", which noted that the result of the admittedly long history vindicates the team of design and development, but and the options of the PA. The first complete system "Pegasus I" was delivered in 131 Combat Group of Aktion Preveza in 2002, where the January 2003 decision by the Supreme Council founded in Aviation Squadron Unmanned Aircraft (SMEA / F).

In August 2005 eas completed the upgrade of the first "Pegasus I" to "Pegasus II" with excellent results in flight testing for certification. In July 2006, the works to amend all existing ACE and the corresponding ground station (CCA) and since 2007 the SMEA / F-Industry takes part in Exercises "Charioteer" and "Trojan Horse." In December 2008 the Squadron was upgraded to Squadron Force Unmanned Aircraft (MMEA / F), with callsign "Acheron", subject to the Administrative Governor SB 131 and operational at ATA. Since 2009 is an ongoing production of 12 additional aircraft with involvement of Defence because of interdisciplinary use of the system.

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