Thursday, December 13, 2012


Census of Albania 2011, an assassination attempt against Greek Orthodox Community

Official: Greeks only 0.87%

Presented census data: 99 percent of state Albanian mother tongue

As expected, the Institute of Statistics census data presentation launched last year.

Initially spoke Innovation Minister Genc Pollo, said the data would serve the government to allocate investment properly.

He left without attacking those who have objected to the census, calling them charlatans.

According to the Minister Pollo, the question on the census form that relates to the nationality of Albanian replied as 83% of respondents, with no surprises in terms of ethnicity.

"14 percent of them preferred not to declare, while 99 percent of respondents declare Albanian mother tongue," said Polo.

Albanian religious data collected from the census show that 56.7% declared themselves as Muslims, 10.3% Catholic, Orthodox 6.75% and 2.90% Bektashi.

One other interesting data related to ethnicity in Albania which has been ongoing debate. 0.87% is the number of those who declared their nationality as Greek, while 0.2% declared Macedonian nationality, 0.87% and 0.30% Greek Roma.

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