Thursday, December 13, 2012

Le Point's FYROM "Does Not Exist" Article Sparks Outrage in Skopje

The French magazine Le Point published an article earlier this week titled FYROM "a country that does not exist," in which the author Yves Cornu totally exposes the pseudo state of Skopje.

Yves Cornu notes that FYROM which had no identity, decided to "steal" the history "of others". He then uses examples of Alexander the Great who he underlines is Greek and even Mother Teresa who he says is Albanian.

His article also slams the buildings and artifacts currently being erected or constructed in FYROM as part of "Skopje 2014" and even goes as far as calling it tacky! The article, however, was not received well by FYROManians, as well as most of the media in this country, and from what we read the French magazine has been receiving a plethora of letters of complaint to retract the article.

Why? The man spoke the truth!!!

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