Saturday, December 15, 2012

Generals Cham and Orthodox together, were convicted of conspiring to create the autonomy for Northern Epirus

The cooperation of the General Teme Sejko, to topple the government of Enver Hoxha, in a lecture at the University of Hawardit in 1981

Vassilios Kyranis, criticizes the official Greek policy, which has helped the dictator Enver Hoxha, to the detriment of the Greek Community

The role of Nikita Khrushov to suport the Northern Epirus Authonomy, during his visit in Albania in 1959

In late May and early June of 1959, general secretary of the Communist Party and Prime Minister of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) Sergejevic Nikita Khrushchev visited Albania and closely observed the grecittation-Northen Epirus. So in 1960, received in audience by the President of the Liberal Party, the late Sofoklis Venizellos (1892-1964), accepted the proposal of the last to be declared autonomy of Northern-Epirus and was promised it would bring the matter to Congress of the Communist Party in Romania, Bucharest Meeting on 20 June 1960, which were invited all the leaders of communist parties in Eastern Europe.

The agreement between Venizellos and Khrushchev, agrees Hoxha who never went to Congress. At that time, in Northern-Epirus unfortunate tragic event took place. The Albanian government within three days of mass arrests began in the province of Northern Epirus arrest of high officials Christian and Mohammedans, and senior officers of the Albanian army, doctors, lawyers, senior officials of the state.

Most of those arrested died turturat. In the months May-June 1961 was held in Tirana a session of court-parody. Among those arrested were Gizelis Ilias (Gjyzelis), Spiros Ekonomu, Aleksandhros Kalivopullos, Filipos Papas, Evangjellos Zahos, Athanasios Gerxos, Theodhoros veto Topic Sejko, Taho Sejko, Avdul Resuli, Tahir Demi, and many detainees were charged tjerë.The insurgency where under accuse for prepare the autonomy in Vorio-Epirus and many of them were sentenced to death.

This ugly act shook the hearts of people Vorio-Epirotes. On top of this "conspiracy" was the commander of the Albanian coastal forces (naval combat) Lieutenant General Teme Sejko. If with real detainees and prisoners tried to release the Northern-Epirus, this is a document that they where Greeks in that country, who lost their language and religion once, they knew their Greek origin (Greek and Albanian-speakers in Northern Epirus,) collaborated to liberate their homeland, was suffering under the rule of Albania, because they forget that we are all brothers and sons of Greece and Epirote).

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