Thursday, December 13, 2012


Census: OMONIA denounces the blatant provocation of the Albanian state to the detriment of the Greek National Minority

- Termination of attempted provocation by the results of the General Census of Population supposedly- Extend the recording process in Northern Epirus
The notification of the results of the General Census of 2011 from the Statistical Authority of Albania confirmed our concerns that these artificial elements which trained without actual collection.
Given opportunity to stress once again that in terms of their content leaves us indifferent. The National Greek Minority sharing the decision OMONOIAS abstained from the process at rates that exceed 90%.
Accordingly we reject entirely the process and remain in a state requiring implementation process that will target exactly the census of members of religious minorities and the stratification of society in Albania.
But nevertheless denounce once again the blatant provocation being attempted against the Greek National Minority, other minorities and the Orthodox community in the country.
It seems that some circles are not satisfied with the nationalist rhetoric denouncing the European Commission. Go to practices having statistical shrinkage in the back of the brain and the shrinking of rights must apply for minorities and religious communities. But I will not go because they do not fit with the prerequisite frank and constructive behavior imposed by the process of integration into the European family.
As OMONIA remain in position as indicated in the Report of the Council of Europe, that with respect to size and geography of the Greek National Minority, and religious stratification process is invalid and should not be taken into account either from the Government and or by international organizations.
The process of the members of the STM performed this time from the Omonia, shows parameters substantially different from the obsolete, prepared phony evidence and the State Census.
Saranda, December 13, 2012

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