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Greek FM Cancels Visit to Tirana After Albanian PM Claims Greek Territories

A sudden deterioration in the Greek-Albanian relations occurred on Wednesday morning short before Greek Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos boarded on the plane to take him to Tirana. Cause for the incident were provocative statements by Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha who claimed that part of Western Greece, Preveza (Epirus) were Albanian.
 Sali Berisha: [Citizens of Avlona] “proclaimed on 28. November 1912 the independence of Albania, the independence of ethnic Albania, of the Albania of all Albanian territories from Preveza to Presevo, from Skopje to Podgorica.”
The provocative statement of Berisha, posing assertion of part of Greek terriroty (Preveza) triggered the angry reaction of FM Avramopoulos who immediately canceled his trip to albania and issued the following statement:
“Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos cancelled at the last minute his visit to Tirana, expressing the discontent of the Greek government to the statements by Albanian Prime Minister on the occasion of today’s celebration.
Statements like these do not contribute to creating a climate of friendship, trust and good-neighborly relations between the two countries, and to develop joint initiatives in areas of common interest, such as the political, economic and energy sector. ” (
Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos was due to pay a visit to Tirana on Wednesday upon an invitation of his Albanian counterpart, to participate in the events marking the 100th anniversary of Albanian independence.

PS I wonder about the reaction of FYROM…

Albanian Media

Avramopoulos cancels visit due to Berisha's statement on Prevezën

Greek ii Foreign Minister Avramopoulos canceled anticipated visit to Tirana. Avoidance seems to have come at the last moment and because it is made ​​Berisha's statement for national unity.

In a statement, the Greek Foreign Ministry says that the Greek government with this decision, "said dissatisfaction with Albanian Prime statements today on the occasion of the celebration of one hundredth anniversary of the independence of Albania".

"Such statements do not contribute to creating a climate of friendship, trust and good neighborly relations between the two countries, and to develop joint initiatives in areas of common interest, both in the political, economic and energy" , reads the press release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece.

Albanian prime minister's spokeswoman, asked about the statement made by Berisha yesterday in Vlora, which was quoted Preveza, states that the prime minister's statement refers to the historical context of 100 years ago and does not express any territorial claim against our neighbors from the South North or East.

In short address to the citizens present in Vlora, Berisha read what was written on parchment: Vlora, its citizens, Ismail Kemal Vlora other men of the nation, announced in this eternal city, on November 28, 1912 the independence of Albania, Albania's ethnic Albanian independence of all Albanian territories from Preveza in Presevo, from Skopje to Podgorica. Forever honor the independence of Albania father Ismail Kemal Vlora, the men who signed the act of independence, the citizens of Vlora and all Albania! Happy 100th anniversary! "

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