Monday, November 26, 2012

EU 5 "less likely than ever" to recognize Kosovo

PRIŠTINA -- The five EU countries that have not recognized Kosovo are increasingly less likely to consider doing so, according to a Priština-based Albanian language daily.
In a commentary published on Monday, Koha Ditore notices that the opposition to Kosovo's independence is strengthening among the five - Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Slovakia, and Spain.
According to this, one reason are increasing demands for an independence referendum in Spain's province of Catalonia, which would "additionally burden a possible recognition (of Kosovo) by Spain".

"While members of Kosovo's government are competing in who brought in more recognitions from various third world countries, there has been no progress with the EU and NATO that would awaken any kind of hope that one of their member-states opposed might recognize (Kosovo). Without those recognitions, European integrations will remains only a dream that cannot be achieved," said the article, and noted that only sovereign states can join the EU and NATO:

"The North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) has made no attempt to create an illusion that Kosovo could join, or receive some partnership status as a state, while all its member-states do not recognize it."

As for the EU, it is offering Kosovo relations and agreements that it does to other regions, entities and communities that are not sovereign countries.

"Kosovo, of course, is in no position to say 'no' to these offers of the European Union. However, Kosovo should not be satisfied with this, and even manipulate its public opinion (to believe) that the EU is treating it as any other state. That, simply put, is not the case," said the newspaper, noting that "Kosovo is being treated differently, and has accepted to be treated differently".

Kosovo's ethnic Albanians unilaterally declared independence in early 2008, but Serbia rejected the proclamation as illegal under its Constitution.

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