Thursday, November 29, 2012

Berisha: Albania is 67 thousand square kilometers, not 28. 

Continues Berisha`s rethortic about the Greatar Albania

Prime Minister Sali Berisha, has not given up his nationalist approach to the unification of ethnic Albanian lands. During the inauguration of a street in Tirana named after former Foreign Minister of the Austrian Empire-hungrareze, Leopold Bertold, Berisha spoke about the partition of the territory of Albania."Count Bertold, the government and his country, the Austro-Hungarian Empire for years were determined for ethnic Albania, Albania Albanian territories inhabited by Albanians, Albania 67 thousand square kilometers, the main place in the Balkan Peninsula, in the south-western him.  

But the moment the Balkan alliance and other factors make it impossible then the realization of this independent state. Therefore, he strongly supported Ismail Qemali to proclaim the independence of Albania, the Albanian state established as a vital necessity to save the Albanians, the nation that he loved and respected by their extinction from the political map of Europe, "said Prime Minister .

However, Berisha underlined that some of the powers of the London Conference, enjoyed their allies were "making" part of the territory of Albania by secret decisions.

"After the declaration of independence of the Austro-Hungarian Empire representatives insisted and managed the London Conference, which will deal with the determination of boundaries to determine fair principles for her work. So margins, according to those principles, would be made in accordance with the ethnic majority and its geographical continuity. But other powers are present at the conference, exchanged Albanian territories to spoil the market for their Balkan allies. Others declare the day and other ghastly things about Albanians place at night, "said Berisha


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