Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Mysteriously of Avramopoulos visit in Tirana, on the occasion of the 100 years of Albania


The Greek Weekly "To Paron"  has raised some questions about the visit

1. Who has advised the foreign minister to travel to Tirana to celebrate with Mr. Berisha, the Chams and puce Alliance centenary of the founding of the Albanian state? 

2. Pose the question not only because of the attitude of the Albanian government in a series of bilateral issues, but also because the celebrations in a context revival of the idea of ​​national integration of Albanians, with events in Kosovo and Macedonia. 

3. It should be recalled that Mr. Avramopoulos the Albanian irredentism, outside Skopje, aims constantly to our country ... 

4. Mostly though it should be noted that the Albanian Independence was awarded by the Allies after the blackmail against Greece to abandon the historical, national demands for the release and attachment to the national body of the territories of Northern Epirus.If he wants to honor his neighbor Avramopoulos, let's make do with a visit to the reception of the Albanian embassy in Athens ...

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