Friday, November 11, 2011

Një monument i ri i Pavarësisë? - Top Channel Albania - News - Lajme

government, will build a monument for the Independence of Albania in Tirana

Berisha avoids in Vlora, to establish a symbol of unification with Kosovo. The government requires the construction of a new symbol to 100-anniversary

Albania will have a new symbol that will remind the declaration of independence of Albania, after that build the Flag Square in Vlora. The news was made public yesterday by Prime Minister Berisha at the next meeting of the Council of Ministers as he was talking about big celebrations for 100-years of independence, which will launch on November 28 this year and will end the year on this date 2012.

Within the presentation of four major projects to be realized during this period, Berisha mentioned a new monument to independence.

But geopolitical analysts, believe that the new monument, which will be placed in Tirana, will be the symbol for the unification of all Albanians, especially in northern Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.

Some news, is not well received by Vlora, for which, sources say that, to avoid the monument of Independence in Vlora, may constitute a precedent for more divergence between northern Albania, and its south.

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