Thursday, November 10, 2011

Haxhinasto: Albania’s contribute to NATO

Haxhinasto: Albania’s contribute to NATO
The Foreign Minister, Edmond Haxhinasto, declared that Albania has given a significant contribute in the international military missions.

“Albania, as a NATO member, participates in many international missions”, Haxhinasto declared.

Speaking on the regional conference that is being held in Tirana, the head of the Albanian Diplomacy valued that our country, together with other Balkan countries, are on the right track for the EU integration.

Despite Haxhinasto’s optimism, the EU General Director of Enlargement, Stefan Sannino, declared for Deutsche Welle that the EU Enlargement will be very difficult.

According to him, the recent Eurozone crisis has no direct connection with the enlargement, but this process is becoming more complicated, mainly due to political reasons.

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