Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dnevnik: Menduh Taci prognosticates destabilization in 2010

Skopje. The next year will be very hard and may be there will be no WWIII but surely the government of Nikola Gruevski and Ali Ahmeti will fall, said leader of the oppositional Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA) Menduh Taci, Macedonian Dnevnik newspaper writes. In his words Macedonia will be destabilized politically and economically.

“The two heads of the government are raving. Ahmeti says there will be no WWIII if the name dispute is not resolved and Gruevski lies Macedonians it has not been negotiated about the identity and the language in the name issue. Gruevski and the opposition of Macedonian bloc are not telling Macedonians the truth the name, identity, constitution and the language will be changed.

Due to personal party interests no one wants to prepare Macedonians for this. The thing the government does not or do not want to understand is that Macedonia has problems not only with Greece, but with Bulgaria, NATO and the European Union,” Taci said.

Another Albanian paradox!

Vreme: Alexander the Great was Albanian, intellectuals say

Skopje. Alexander the Great was neither Macedonian nor Greek but Albanian. This is what Albanian intellectuals noted in the new Albanian encyclopedia, which will be presented Tuesday in Macedonian town of Tetovo, Macedonian Vreme newspaper writes.

The editor in chief of the encyclopedia is the journalist Nijazi Muhamedi, who has taken part of the working out of the contract ,proposed by Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA) in exchange for the Ohrid Framework Agreement.

However, according to Muhamedi and the DPA the encyclopedia has nothing to do with the party but is a product of a group of intellectuals.

“The first two volumes are a reply to the disputable editions of the Macedonian encyclopedia. The arguments, we hold out are from historically checked up resources,” Muhamedi said.

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