Monday, December 28, 2009

Priest gives evidence in Blackburn man's Albanian orphans abuse trial

A PRIEST has flown to Albania to speak on behalf of a Blackburn charity worker accused of abusing orphans.

But Rev Bernard Cocker said that he believeed his mission was in vain because the Albanian legal system was flawed and his friend was 'sure to be convicted'.

Dino Christodoulou is set to spend his third Christmas behind bars awaiting the conclusion of his trail in the New Year.

And bosses at Amnesty International backed Rev Cocker's fears, saying that the courts in Albania were not fully transparent and that prison conditions amounted in some instances to 'inhuman and degrading treatment'.

There have also been calls in the former eastern Bloc country to tackle alleged corruption in the legal system.

Rev Cocker even claimed Christodoulou had been offered the chance to pay a £1,000 bribe to free himself, something that he rejected.

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Anonymous said...

This is one reason why Western countries do not cooperate with justice in Albania. Do not trust the Albanian justice and therefore, not perform extraditions. Usually, the Albanians are not extradited from Western countries, but only in those states, mutually have direct interests of "their". in Albania, is sentenced in absentia, while the decision is absolute and without access to self-defense. This phenomenon was seen recently, with laws passed opposing freedoms and human rights. Albania remains a Turkey in miniature, regarding freedoms and human rights.

Anonymous said...

Is one more reason to charge Christodoulos in Tirana, is Greek with British passport..